The Mumford Collection

About Robin…

Robin McCown Mumford has spent the last 28 years nurturing her love of Art and her commitment to supporting emerging artists, through her professional and volunteer work. She started her career in New York working for a publishing division of CBS and then went into magazine publishing where she was a Promotion Editor for VOGUE magazine.

After 7 years with VOGUE, Robin decided to pursue her desire to promote unknown and gifted artists and began doing so in 1988 after her first child was born. Robin’s 8 years in the publishing industry gave her the promotion background needed to start her art business, The Mumford Collection LLC.

Robin procures art and design elements for residences and corporations. She is responsible for all aspects of commissioning, procuring, and installing site-specific art for her clients.

"Art is a wonderful part of life. To discover art that is inspiring and absolutely perfect for my clients is truly exciting. I view my work as a vocation. There are many gifted artists waiting to be discovered. To find them is thrilling. It is important for such artists to be able to support themselves with their respective talents. Success sustains them economically, spiritually and emotionally. I have been told that my passion for art is contagious. I view that as a good thing!"

Robin has been featured multiple times in the Chicago Tribune and Home Design Magazine. She has volunteered with Mercy Home for Boys and Girls and has sponsored young artists workshops.